The Injection Mold Design Tutorial

This is a treasure of high quality instruction

30-day-04-WhiteWould you like to have the best injection mold designs for your company? Are you tired of training, correcting, fixing mistakes, and wasting money? I know what it is like, I have used thousands of mold designs in my career, and believe me, there is a huge difference in the quality!

Finally, somebody has made a high quality, easy to understand and easy to use injection mold design tutorial. Somebody who knows what he is doing, with many years of successful experience.

Bob Dealey, of Dealey’s Mold Engineering, has created the industry’s best piece of software to teach and perfect mold design. This tutorial can help you to have better designs, help prevent costly mistakes, and make more money.

Order now to start making better mold designs, and make more money!

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How this tutorial can help you

Learn about parting lines, slides, lifters, cores and cavities

blue arrow Have the right cooling for your molds

blue arrow Determine the correct placement and size for vents—no more guessing

blue arrow Learn how to accurately size gates and runners

blue arrow Teach apprentices the principles of mold design and function

blue arrow Let all the designers have access to the same reference tables

This mold tutorial is the authority

With over 30 years in injection mold design, Bob Dealey knows what he is talking about. As a frequent speaker at international conferences, such as the NPE 2009 show in Chicago, Bob is highly regarded in the world of plastics.

Through animated graphics and a step-by-step procedure, he teaches mold design from the basics to the highly sophisticated and complex. Your designers, mold makers, molders and apprentices will all greatly benefit from his goldmine of knowledge.

Mr. Dealey has done a great deal of the work for you, especially in the areas such as runners, gates, shrinkage, cooling, etc.

I really like this tutorial, there is so much good information inside! This is such a great training tool for the entire company. We allow everyone to use it, designers, mold makers and apprentices.

Dan Mitchell / Tooling Engineer


We use this tutorial all the time. It is especially helpful to know how to place runners and gates, vents and cooling channels. This is a goldmine on a CD!Chris Benoit/ Mold Designer

Tutorial includes over 50 modules

  • Mold nomenclature
  • Mirror imaging
  • Mold flow analysis
  • Mold design steps
  • Parting line selection
  • Shrinkage
  • Placement of shut-offs
  • Location of the inserts
  • Action for the undercuts
  • Draft angles
  • Ejection methods
  • Thickness of core
  • Thickness of cavity
  • Mold base size
  • Mold base class selection
  • Mold base drawings
  • Plating options
  • Location of interlocks
  • Gates and runners
  • Type of runnerless tip
  • Gate size
  • Gate location
  • Venting
  • Core and cavity cooling
  • Clamping force
  • Mold design checklist
  • Mold assembly
  • Mold trial
  • Final test and certificate
  • Much, much more

30 Day money back guarantee

You can order this mold tutorial with confidence. We offer a money back guarantee for 30 days, no questions asked. Nobody has ever returned one though, it is just that good!

Free bonus is yours to keep!

As a bonus for ordering from this page you will receive a bonus. The very popular PDF file: Ten Top Tips For Injection Mold Making will be emailed to you after you order your mold design tutorial. All you need to do is email us and we will send it to you! The PDF is yours to keep, no matter what.

Avoiding just one mistake will pay for the tutorial!

The Interactive Injection Mold Design Tutorial costs just $170 US. This is a true bargain, considering the vast amount of quality content available. You will save this much many, many times over in reduced errors and mistakes alone!

Order now to start making better mold designs, and make more money!

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Cost: US $179 includes free shipping for US and Canada customers.

International customers must pay shipping costs, either through US Postal service or FedEx.

P.S. This program is a goldmine of experience, now you can have it for you own company to use. Save time, make more money, and beat the competition.

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  1. marco valdiviezo

    Hello I need to now if you have the interactive injecvtion mold design in spanish, is for a school in Juarez Chihuahua Mexico, thanks for your help.

    • Hola,
      Si, lo tenemos en español. Yes, we do have a Spanish version. You can order it from the website store and I will make sure you receive the Spanish version. Muchas gracias por tu interese.

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