The Best Management Software For Small Business Is Not Free

Wouldn’t it be great you had the best shop management software that gave you an advantage over the competition? A software program that was designed for small to medium sized companies in a real-world job shop environment?

Personally, I think injection mold making and plastic injection molding must be two of the most difficult businesses to manage. Then again, other industries probably say the same thing! One management tool that receives excellent reviews is JobBOSS, by Exact Business Software.

Best Management Software
Even a sloth can benefit from good management

Management software designed specifically for busy, fast-paced small business has proven to increase efficiency and profits.

Injection mold making is the perfect application

  • There is so much to manage and so little time to manage it
  • You have deadlines, due dates to meet
  • Suppliers to keep track of: steel, graphite, copper, mold bases, components, special items, cutters, grinding wheels, WEDM wire, etc.
  • Quotes need to be made and tracked
  • Progress reports must be made
  • Design must be done and kept current
  • Labor costs need to be tracked
  • Labor divisions need to be analysed for future quoting
  • And on and on and on. The mold making process is very difficult to keep track of!

No modern business can function very long without serious shop management. A quality job shop management software program could make life a lot easier, if it really worked as advertised. The days of “winging it” are long gone. You might get away with it here and there, but in today’s competitive environment, you need more precise control over your operation.

What is JobBOSS management software

Best Management Software
Shop Management Software

JobBOSS, from Exact Software, is a real world job shop management software maker that actually has a program made specifically for the plastic injection mold maker and tool-and-die builders.

JobBOSS features

  • Made for small to medium sized job shops whose orders are custom
  • Made for the real world where customers demands are high and always changing
  • Enables you to know the profitability of each and every job, even as it is constantly being updated
  • It is easy to use and requires no extensive set-up time. You can use it on your next job
  • Has integrated purchasing that is tied to the job

Life in a moldmaking job shop, or even a captive shop, is feast or famine, and when it rains it pours! Once you get your operation set-up in this software, you can experience the relative security of knowing what is really going on. This can really help with the stress levels and shop atmosphere as well. I know, I have personally seen it in action and it really works.

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