We Cannot Ignore The Biodegradable Plastic Facts

As the awareness of climate change increases, we cannot afford to ignore the biodegradable plastic facts. In Europe and Japan research and development are already progressing quickly; the USA is not far behind.

There are several US companies who produce biodegradable plastic. They are Natureworks LLC, Metabolix, and Teinnovations. All of these companies are in the forefront of developing injection molding grade plastic. DuPont also has two corn based plastics on the market already: Sorona and Hytrel.

Companies with an eye to future trends, as well as those who are concerned about the environment, are beginning to take biodegradable plastic very seriously. After all, fossil fuels are a limited resource with a short future ahead.

Biodegradable Plastic Facts
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How do the facts affect plastic injection mold making and the plastic molding process? Any molder with an eye on the future should be keeping a finger on the pulse of biodegradable plastic

Biodegradable plastic for injection molding

As society awakens to the need for earth-friendly manufacturing, the demand for biodegradable plastic will only increase. Those plastics manufacturers who are “in the know” will have a distinct competitive advantage.

Climate change, greenhouse gases, global warming, the closing of landfills, sustainable development, these are just a few of the reasons plastics manufacturers are looking to “green plastics” for solutions.

Companies in Europe and Asia involved the production of plastic products have embraced this emerging technology in order to compete and comply with regulations, as well as help the natural environment. The short-term advantage of “business as usual” in the US is gradually changing into a more socially responsible approach.

Businesses that have positioned themselves for the possible coming age of “green plastics” will be in a great position to profit. Time spent learning about biodegradable plastic and the potential can be a very smart move.

Biodegradable plastic bags, bottles and cups

Presently biodegradable plastic can still be considered a niche market, especially in the US. It is only a matter of time before American legislation makes way for increased use of biopolymers.

Biopolymers is booming in Europe, where official policy is more conducive to environmental issues. The expected global capacity growth is predicted to grow exponentially worldwide as climate. fossil fuels and waste become greater issues.

Biodegradable Plastic Facts
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Individual citizens, towns, cities, states and countries can take matters into their own hands and stop waiting on some kind of national legislation.

This represents a huge emerging market for products of the mold making process that use biopolymers. Already, there are many applications gaining momentum, such as packaging, bottles, caps, food containers, catering items such as cutlery, and so on.

Numerous companies are competing to develop improved characteristics such as flow and melt temperatures. These innovations will increase exponentially in the near future, if recent trends continue.

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