Carbide Insert Suppliers

Here is a list of many of the top carbide insert suppliers. You can find the right tool for the job, whether you need a cutter for injection mold making, hard machining, tool and die making or precision machining.

Iscar metalsKennametalIngersollSandvik

There are literally dozens of other carbide insert suppliers, as well as solid carbide cutter suppliers. It is tempting to think that one company can supply every type of carbide cutter that you need, but this is usally not the case.

Many factors influence the decision to use one cutter over another. Workpiece geometry, type of machine tool, type of material being cut, tolerances required, time constraints, surface finish and cost are a few that come to mind.

Every supplier has it’s own unique strengths and specialties, therefore most machine shops use a variety of suppliers to meet their needs.

Most suppliers will gladly allow you to test their cutters before purchasing, which is strongly advised. After all, the aluminum impeller workpiece in the tool show might not be as difficult to machine as your D2 stamping die or H13 injection mold component.

Carbide insert suppliers play a critical role in any metal manufacturing company. It is essential to take the time to learn about the different grades, coatings, geometries, speeds and feeds and the performance specifications of the many carbide cutting tools available.

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