Creo Expert Moldbase Extension

Work in a familiar 2D environment for moldbase
layout–and get all the benefits of 3D! The 2D processdriven
GUI offers a catalog of standard and custom
components, and updates your model automatically
during the development of the moldbase, by providing
a catalog of standard and customized components.
Your resulting 3D models are then used for
interference checking during mold opening, as well
as automatic generation of deliverables such as detail
drawings and BOMs.
• Speeds the design process through a simple,
process-driven workflow that automates moldbase
design and detailing
• Provides an ever growing set of libraries (currently17) for moldbase/component suppliers (includes
screws, ejector pins, sliders, cooling fittings, etc.).
Easily add custom data for unique items
• Automatic ejector pin, waterline, and fittings
functions; automated runners and waterline checks
• Prevents costly rework and reduces cycle time by
eliminating mistakes via a 3D environment
• Reduces the need for redesigns by automatically
updating tooling models, drawings and electrodes

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