Banana And Cashew Injection Mold Gate Inserts

The use of injection mold inserts can save time and money, when compared to custom manufacturing in-house. These manufactured inserts are high quality and ready to use with a minimum of grooming required. The mold designer can take the basic shape provided and modify it to suit the particular application.

There are two main types of injection mold inserts commonly used in common: the cashew gate and the banana gate. These are named because of the shape of the actual gate, which resembles, of course, cashews and bananas!

Injection Mold Gate Inserts
Cashew gate

Use gate inserts to save time and money in manufacturing and processing.

Simple installation and maintenance

When incorporated in the initial injection mold design, the inserts are simple and easy to install. The inserts may be round, square, or rectangular, depending on the application and the manufacturers preference. Injection mold making is hard enough without having to make difficult shapes for the gates.

One of the best features of the gate insert is the fact that many are split into two sections. This is very helpful in molding, especially for maintenance. The actual gate is highly polished and easily releases the gate during ejection.

Injection Mold Gate Inserts
Banana gate

Modifications are easy, polishing is facilitated and cleaning is a breeze.

The mold designer can familiarize himself with the engineering requirements from the information provided by the manufacturer and make any engineering changes in the mold design to suit.

Here is a partial list of reputable suppliers for injection gate designs that use inserts

DMS CompanyPCSCumsa

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