Free Injection Mold Making Training In Magazines

The group of plastics journals and plastics magazines listed here is specifically made for plastic manufacturers. There is just so much information out there, who has time to go through even half of it? The mold making process is complicated enough!

They are divided into two groups, but often the content overlaps. After all, plastic molders need injection mold making and mold makers need molders. They both need designers and everybody needs the sales department! This selection of industry magazines cover the most relevant topics that come up on a regular basis. You might find a surprise or two, maybe.

Injection Mold Making Training
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You can learn a great deal from trade journals, plus, you can also submit articles about your company or some new project you are hoping will give you an edge over the competition.

Check them out, most, if not all, are free. You might just learn something! I used to submit mold making tips to a magazine and got $100 for each one, not bad.

Some experts submit “white papers” on topics they are knowledgeable about. This is a great way to gain exposure and make yourself known in the industry as an expert.

Injection Mold Making Training In Magazines

EDM Today Competitive Moldmaker Moldmaking Technology Injection MoldingModern Machine Shop
Injection Mold Making Training
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These are actually quite interesting, and you can pick up new ideas from experienced mold makers. Many articles are submitted by regular folks, just like you and me!

Learn about plastic injection mold making from mold makers

Most mold makers don’t seem to be avid readers, but they will certainly look up information that is from a real authority. At least, after they have unsuccessfully tried to figure the problem out “on their own!” It’s just part of their personality.

Plastic Molding Magazines And Journals

Plastics NewsPlastics TodayModern PlasticsInjection MoldingPlastics Machinery Magazine

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