Is KeyCreator Really Different Than SolidWorks?

One of the most common questions that we receive when at trade shows or from prospective customers is:  How is KeyCreator different from SolidWorks?

A complete answer to this question could go on for many pages, but let me try to make the comparison as simple as possible.

First, how are they the same?

Both KeyCreator and SolidWorks are CAD software programs.  You can use either program to document the design of a product or mechanical part. Both can create drawings, both will get the end result completed.

Notice that above I used the phrase “document the design.”  In SolidWorks, you can indeed design a part, but its best if you already have a design in mind, on a napkin, in a 2D sketch or somewhere else before you begin to describe it in SolidWorks. Conceptual design, the creative process of developing your design, can be done in SolidWorks, but it can be very cumbersome and time-consuming, requiring starting new designs from scratch for multiple design iterations.

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