How To Turn Your New Plastic Invention Into Money

Injection mold making is a natural breeding ground for ideas on how to improve things, and occasionally an idea for a new plastic invention will come to mind. Knowing what to do and how to proceed is not so easy, however.

A few years ago I had two great ideas for energy drinks. So, I made a little effort to find some invention and patent help, but soon lost interest because I “didn’t have time.” Here is a little account of what happened with “my ideas.” It seems that once an idea is in the air, other people tap into it, sort of like a radio frequency or something.

This article is a good place to begin your journey down the path of obtaining a US patent.You can also learn how to avoid the most common mistakes and what to do to improve your chances of success.

New Plastic Invention
Plastic invention

If you have an idea for a new plastic invention, take action quickly

Strike while the iron is hot

The following illustrates a simple example of just why you need to take action. Actually, I know of quite a few other examples as well, but this one really “bugs me.”

Several of my sons are very active skateboarders and BMX bike rider, and for a few years I took them and their friends on weekend trips to skateparks in the region. Usually they would ride and skate until they dropped and then start over again the next day. These guys were always thirsty and looking for something to drink besides what was available at the time because everything was too sweet, and there was only one or two sports drinks available.

Aha! I had the brilliant idea of two kinds of drink: one with vitamins and healthy sounding like Vitamin Water or something and the other I would call “Venon.” The boys and I talked about it, and it seemed like a great and timely idea. As I said earlier, I pursued it a bit, but quickly got distracted and forgot about it. Wouldn’t you know it: a few months later there they were: Vitamin Water and Venom! Right in the cooler at the convenience store.

Don’t announce your idea to the whole world

New Plastic Invention
New plastic inventions

Don’t go around telling everyone about your brilliant idea

As you enter the world of inventors, injection mold designers and product developers, you find that these people are always on the lookout for new and improved things. They just have a highly developed sense of timing, what will fly, what is a good idea but will never make it and so on. One of the common errors is to blab about it to anyone who will listen. That is just asking for somebody to take your idea and run with it.

There are a number of good books that are full of great advice and guidance down the path of how to find invention and patent help. Whatever you do, take the time to educate yourself and protect yourself.

More than one person has wasted a lot of time and money by trying to save a few dollars in learning materials. You can get honest advice on how to obtain a US patent, what to avoid, who to talk to, how to obtain financial backing, how to develop your ideas, etc. Be warned: it is not the easiest thing to figure out.

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