Offshore Outsourcing Is Not A Bogeyman

New strategies are required to win in the global market. Offshore outsourcing planning will make all the difference in your strategy for gaining new business and developing new products. Here are some of the successful plans global companies are using that really work.

By utilizing these ideas, as they fit your unique needs, you can develop a strategy to not only survive in today’s extremely competitive international market, but thrive.

Offshore Outsourcing
Outsource or hire?

Those companies that are flexible and willing to adapt, often discover that entering into the global market reveals new opportunities for growth and profit. Global technology is a reality that can be used to your advantage.

Combine domestic and offshore outsourcing to win contracts

Very often, plastic injection molding contracts are presented as a “package.” This can vary in it’s size and structure, but for our purposes, let’s use the following example:

Your molding or mold making company has an opportunity to bid on a new product that requires the building of eight plastic injection molds. You already know that other companies are bidding on the job, and they use offshore outsourcing to lower their costs.

Offshore outsourcing companies

Because you have wisely found several reliable, high quality offshore sources for injection molds, you are able to combine your resources to effectively quote the job. You can win in the global market by being flexible and using proven strategies.

Finding such an offshore source can be time-consuming and expensive, if you take it up on your own. The companies listed on this site are all known for their integrity, high-quality and pricing.

Offshore Outsourcing
Global Economy

Study the chart below to see a real-life example of how this can work. The first column is the domestic price. It is almost certain that you will not win the contract by quoting exclusively domestic prices. The global competition is just too great.


DomesticOffshore (-35%)Combination
140,00091,000112,000 Joint
180,000117,000144,000 Joint

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