Injection Molding

Plastic Molding And Injection Molding

The Moldmaking Resource is a useful reference dedicated to serving the plastic molding industry. You will find technical articles, listings of molding machine manufacturers, resin manufacturers and equipment suppliers.

Without a doubt, the most common type of plastic molding is injection moulding, or molding for those in the USA. There are many other ways to mold plastic, but this process is the most versatile and common.

Plastic Molding
Plastic Molding

Plastic molding design decisions

As is obvious, there are numerous ways to form a part out of plastic. Each method has it’s own benefits, and sometimes the choice is not so easy to determine.

It all depends on the function of the part, the time constraints, the available budget, the plastic material requirements, the design limitations and so on. Often the process could be done in several ways, but, in the end, only one wins out.

Ever since the first billiard balls were made out of plastic, just about anything imaginable has been molded. Now, with the help of high powered CAD systems, very complex parts, such as medical components, are routinely made out of engineered plastics.

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From simple, one-man operations out of a garage to huge factories with lights out robotic operations, the molding process produces an unbelievable array of products.

Most consumers have little to no idea how the things they use everyday are made, and generally just take it all for granted, until something malfunctions.

The Moldmaking Resource is dedicated to serving the plastic molding industry with educational materials. We hope to help the budding entrepreneur as well as the seasoned veteran with useful, practical and relevant content.

Time is money and it seems most of us don’t have enough of either. Make use of our articles and use the resources available to make a better plastic part at a better price more quickly than your competitor.

Learn about molding prototypes, mold materials, and plastic molding repair here. Injection molding is such a huge industry and the rules are always changing. Nevertheless, for the individual willing to work hard and smart, it is possible to succeed.

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