Plastic Molding Equipment, Thermolators, Water Temperature Control

Any plastic injection molding or extruding process requires the use of a water temperature control unit, also commonly referred to as a thermolator. The operating temperature of the mold or die must be controlled in order to maintain quality levels in the plastic molding process, and these controllers do an excellent job.

Other industries that use thermolators include die casting, dry cleaning, food services and HVAC companies. These reliable machines use circulating fluids for heating and cooling applications, generally in the range of 30 to 250 degrees F.


Most injection molding machines have a water temperature control integrated with the machine. Water lines and air lines connect the machines, making the process simple and reliable. Typically, the control has soft touch keypads to set the temperature, flow rate and other parameters.

With a few turns of the valves, the water can be cleared from the mold, using air pressure. This helps minimize rust and contamination to the molding area. The quick change water adapters so common in the plastic molding process make it very easy to connect and disconnect the hoses.

Companies offering thermolators

  • Advantage has a good quality unit, the Advantage Sentra VE Series, with 10KW & ยพ HP model for around $1,570 US. The larger 10 KW & 2 HP model is available for about $1.795.
  • Budzar offers a similar sized temperature control unit for around $1,799. This is the BWA-1WT-12-2-050-DS-460 4,944 12 40 GPM @30 PSI unit. It comes with a 2 HP motor.
  • AEC is a worldwide supplier of top quality products, including the TruTemp TCU series. They are available in 9kW, 12kW, 18kW, or 24kW configurations. Upright versions are available in even larger sizes, up to 24kW.
  • Mastui of Japan has a very high quality line of products, including the MC(GMC) Series Mold Temperature Controller. These are stainless steel, high efficiency thermolators that monitors and maintains temperature within 1 degree of set point. The initial investment is higher, but the quality and durability are tops.
  • Conair is a trusted name in the plastics industry, with units in hundreds of plastic injection molding facilities. The The Thermolator® TW Series is quite reliable and has many features that make it a good choice.

Features to look for in a water temperature controller

  • Ease of use. If it is complicated you can be sure your technicians will use only a few options.
  • Reliability. The last thing you need is to have your unit break down during a production run.
  • Durability. You are investing thousands of dollars per unit and need them to last for years. Stainless steel, cast bodies, copper pipes, silicon carbide pump seals, and dust sealed components are important.
  • Set it and forget it is what you want.


The plastics industry, as well as others, uses water temperature controllers to maintain consistent operating temperatures in the injection molds and dies used to make plastic parts. Without accurate mold temperatures it is impossible to produce quality products and the thermolator plays a critical and silent role.

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