Plastic Molding Manufacturers, Supplies and Equipment


Moldmaking Resource is a great reference dedicated to serving the plastic molding industry. You will find technical articles, listings of molding machine manufacturers, resin manufacturers and equipment suppliers.

Types Of Plastic Molding

Injection MoldingBlow MoldingCompressionSilicone Molding
Vacuum FormingRotationalSilicon RubberStack Molding
Metal InjectionPrototypeThermosetInsert Molding

Injection Molding Machine Manufacturers


Plastic Resin Manufacturers

Dow CorningDuPontGE Plastics/SabicAshland/Nexeo
Ube IndustriesSolvaySinopecMitsubishi

Plastic Molding Equipment Suppliers

Conair GroupMokonAdvantageMSC Direct
WittmanSolvayPPEDRI-AIR Industries
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