Why Outsource To Taiwan

There are many benefits of outsourcing to Taiwan for your next injection mold making project

  • Long tradition of producing high-end products for electronics manufacturers, aerospace companies, automotive suppliers, etc.
  • Decades of industrial growth and stability. Government policies that have enabled the plastics industry to develop in a free-market manner. Plastics injection molds, thermosetting molds, and custom molds of all types have developed to a high level of expertise.
  • Safe and healthy working conditions for the employees. Taiwan has a long history or good human rights relations which reflects in it’s labor laws.
  • Concern for the environment. Industry has cooperated with the government to keep the island clean and relatively unpolluted.
  • Costs are generally one-third less than those of the USA. This means you can receive high quality at reduced prices. This is a good way to reduce mold making costs while maintaining high quality standards.
 Why Outsource To Taiwan
Cap Mold Intertech.net.tw

Is Taiwan part of mainland China? Well, that depends on who you ask, but it is certainly different in many good ways.

Taiwan has a tradition of quality

Longzu Plastic Molding Co. Ltd. A very versatile company with a reputation for high quality. It’s client base includes many industry leaders from the US, Japan, China and Taiwan.

They specialize in electronics and consumer products, with an emphasis on design and ultra precision components. An unusual feature is their thermoset injection capabilities to mold such plastics as Bakelite, BMC, SMC, Phenolic, Epoxy, Melamine, DAP and others.

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